Griffin’s Feather

Griffin's Feather Cover

Marcus Barber is an immortal Roman Centurion who works as a bounty hunter for the deities of the ancient world while living in modern-day San Antonio. In this fast-paced adventure, Marcus must recover an escaped griffin for Nemesis (Greek goddess of vengeance) while trying to rescue a kidnapped ice pixie of Cailleach before she melts in the southern Texas heat. If he fails at either task, Nemesis and Cailleach will battle over who owns him for the next few centuries. While embroiled in these two tasks, one of his mortal clients calls up Marcus and demands he find a missing mistress. This mistress and Marcus have their own past… a distant past that Marcus must reconcile with before his supernatural deadlines whiz past.

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ISBN: 978-1614756040

Viper’s Bane

Marcus Barber, the immortal Roman centurion, must rescue his friend, Eddie, from the grips of maniacal mercenaries hired by Marcus’s former lover, Joelle. In addition to saving Eddie, Marcus must also track down the location of the Egyptian Ancient, Apep, and prevent a cult from using the Ancient’s essence to poison the Riverwalk area of San Antonio. All the while, he continues his quest to find his father and has a side gig of stealing corporate documents for a white-collar espionage job.

You can find Viper’s Bane at these fine locations or order it from your favorite local bookstore.
ISBN: 978-1614759782