I don’t write much non-fiction, but I do have these publications under my belt. These words are deeply personal and meaningful to me, even more than my fiction. I hope something in this area can help educate, enlighten, soothe demons, or just show you a little more about me.


Phobias: A Collection of True Stories — Available at Amazon from Hidden Thoughts Press. My story (One-Thousand, Eighty Degrees) in the collection revolves around the night I barely survived a horrible car crash, the physical wounds I still carry from a nearly amputated arm, and the emotional scars that have impacted my life since that fateful night in 1988. It’s been a long road of recovery, and I’m still on it… even to this day. I hope the story I tell in this collection helps others battling the same demons that still plague me. NOTE: You can now read my story for free in this post.

Mind Creativity

Mental Disorders in the Creative Mind — Available as part of Sarah Chorn’sSpecial Needs in a Strange World” column over at SF Signal. You can find the article here. With the closure (and potential vanishing) of SF Signal, I have reproduced my article on my own site. Here is the permalink on my site.