Pikes Peak Writers is an organization based in Colorado Springs to bring writers together for workshops, classes, conferences, competitions and general networking. I joined the group in August of 2008, and in the many events I have attended so far, I have learned quite a bit.

In October of 2012, I volunteered to take over the management of their web site, and have joined the steering committee for their annual conference. Since that time, I’ve replaced the static-HTML web site with an instance of WordPress that makes the management of the site much easier on me. I’ve also rolled out the PPWWPP (Pikes Peak Writers Workshop Proposal Portal) to allow us to collect ideas for Write Brains, conference workshops, and other special events. In September of 2013, I also (with the help of many other people in ideas and testing) launched The Zebulon Writing Contest Portal to allow contestants to enter The Zebulon and to allow judges and administrators to easily enter scores and track all of the numerous bits of information that go into running a contest.

In January of 2013, I volunteered for and was elected as the new vice president of the Pikes Peak Writers.

In September of 2013, the then-current president of PPW stepped down in a planned transition to make me president of the organization. I held this position until April, 2017, when I resigned from the post to make room for someone with more energy, drive, and ideas than what I had left remaining.

Practical Computer Security for Writers (These are the handouts I put together for the Pikes Peak Writers June 2012 Write Brain session.)