Keep up with where I’m going to be and when I’m going to be there! This includes online appearances (such as podcasts and guest blog posts) as well as upcoming conferences that I’ll be attending.

Here are some podcast episodes I’ve appeared on.

Here’s where I’ll be as far as near-future events go:

Book Signings:

None upcoming.


Superstars Writing Seminars

I’ll be at SSWS from February 6th through the 9th. On Friday of the conference, I’ll be giving a “Tribe Talk” which is a 20-minute presentation on a single topic. My topic for this one is log lines. If you’re going to be in the Colorado Springs area during this time, come say hi!


I’ll be at KoboldCon in Colorado Springs from April 26th through the 28th. It’s a local RPG and gaming convention for me. I might be running some games, but I haven’t made that call yet. If I do, I’ll update this page with that info.


I plan to be at Origins from June 12th through the 16th. If you’re going to be at this wonderful RPG convention, track me down and let’s chat!


I’ve finally been talked into heading to DragonCon by some friends. I’m expecting to have a great time, and if you can find me in the crowds, let’s share some time at the bar together. DragonCon is in Atlanta from August 29th through September 2nd.


I’ll be at my usual regional con in October. I always love this intimate con and have the BEST conversations with people. Come join in on the fun from October 18th through the 20th at MileHiCon.