This was a little something I wrote on the spur of the moment back in 1989. It was the first day of spring, and it snowed. Now that I’m in Colorado, this is not uncommon. However, I was living in the desert-like areas of West Texas. This meant that snow was rare, and snow in the warmer days of spring was unheard of.

I just caught it!

Oh! What a strange thing.

I just caught….

The first snowflake of spring.

I’m acting like a twit.

I just want to sing.

I have something that can’t be bought.

It’s the first snowflake of spring.

Don’t tell me to sit!

I want to dance and swing!

All because I caught…

The first snowflake of spring.

This is it!

I have the strangest thing.

Here I have

The… Hey! Where did it go?

— Copyright © — J.T. Evans, 1989