O Great NighQ, how I love you! For three days, I wandered the desert of delirium, disaster, and dreariness. During those days, I searched for salvation. I searched out a cure for what ailed me the most. I could not tell if my cough, cold sweats, head, or soul rotting from the inside out hurt the greatest.

On the third day you came to me in a vision of green. I couldn’t remember much about the night other than your presence, my absence and the softness of a blanket-swaddled bed. Thank you for the wonderful night which allowed me to greet the next morning with slightly opened eyes. You gave my vision of the world back to me, O Mighty NighQ! I remember dreaming of mossy fields, emerald seas and viridian forests.

Then your sister, known as DaeQ, took over in the morning. Very little confusion held my consciousness. Where your jade colorings left off, her amber hues took over. The blessings of her orange plains, pumpkin oceans and tangerine skies carried me through the day. After my three days of being lost, I luxuriated in being found again. A fall at your feet, lovely DaeQ!

Another night of you, followed by yet another day of your sister and a final evening of your ministrations finalized my conversion. The third day of spiritual and physical metamorphosis found me free of the bonds of internal rotting and life resumed as normal. While I do not need the ministrations of either of you at the moment, I am sure to return to your warming and clarifying bonds in the future.

I look forward to my future times with you, brother NighQ, and your sister, DaeQ, for your green and orange colorings will guide me through to a peaceful resolve.


— Copyright © — J.T. Evans, 2009