Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-06-26

Just taking a quick break from writing to drop an update on the word count of Warmistress. I had hoped to be in the 25,000 word area at this point, but I’m only at 20,700 and change. I’ll let you do the math on how behind I am.

When I look at Scrivener’s Project Targets window, it’s telling me I need 533 words a day (every day) to finish this novel by the end of November.

That’s totally doable. That’s an easy target for me.

However, I have to walk away from this post and get back to the novel if I’m going to make it!

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-06-19

Another week of no progress. I’ve been swamped with Pikes Peak Writers stuff this week. As you already know, I was out of the house for part of last week because of the Black Forest Fire. That didn’t help progress or my psyche any.

I flew out to California Sunday and have been here at my new job doing the training and education and orientation type stuff. That’s leaving me mentally drained at the end of each day. It’s a struggle to focus at the end of the day, and all of that focus goes into PPW stuff.

I know. I know. It sounds like I’m belly-aching and making excuses. I guess I am in a way. I just need to get life back to normal (not sure what that means anymore) and get back on the horse.

I’m going to challenge myself to produce at least 1,000 words a day between now and the next time I report in. That’s 7,000 words this upcoming week. I may have a day where I do nothing. I may have a day when I crank out 3,500 words in a day. I suppose I’ll have an even mix of both.

I do know that this weekend I’ll be in my hotel room pretty much all the time. If I can keep the television off (highly likely) and away from Facebook (somewhat likely), I’ll be able to get some good progress done on my novel.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-06-05

This past week has been crazy and exciting all at once. I’m in the last week of my current job. I had two new job offers come in last week, and I accepted one of them Friday. The one that I turned down called me on Monday and upped the ante a enough that I went back to the job I accepted and pulled out of the acceptance. All of the interviewing, negotiating, talking and thinking about everything sapped my time and energy to the point where I only managed to write a few thousand words last week.

However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Two of them as a matter of fact.

The first is that I have all of next week off work as I’ll be between the two jobs. A vast majority of that time should be put to use at adding words to Warmother. It’ll be a great chance to test out the marathon writing chops of mine.

The second light at the end of the tunnel is that I will be getting back about 25 hours a week with the new job. You see, the current job is 75 miles from my house through the worst of Denver’s traffic. My average time on the road each day is 4-5 hours with 5 being more common than 4. Do that five times a day, and that’s a good chunk of time just lost to sitting in the car. Yeah. I get to listen to some awesome podcasts while on the road, but that’s about the only upside. The new job I’ve accepted is a full-time, work-from-home position for a company based out of California. Except for a week a quarter, I’ll be at home. Do the easy math and you’ll see that I’ll be gaining back 25 hours of my life each week. That’s huge.

Will I spend all of those 25 hours writing? Probably not. However, a good chunk of that time gained back will go into my writing efforts. My original goal of having Warmother done by the end of November just might be pushed up by a few months. We’ll see how it goes.

As the new job unfolds, I’ll make sure to keep everyone in the loop on what I’m doing and how things are progressing.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-05-29

It’s been a great week of productive writing for me. I’ve managed to get through a little over 7,000 words in the past week. I need more weeks like this one! I’m fairly deep into chapter 4 of Warmother, which is the final book in the Laurin trilogy. How many chapters are there going to be? I’m not entire sure. I have fifteen in the planner, but that never sticks. I tend to grow new concepts and text as things progress. It’ll probably land around my normal chapter count of 22-23 chapters. We’ll see how it goes.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-05-22

Humph. I’ve been a bad writer. I don’t have much to report for this week. 8,500 words are done on Warmother, but none of them came in the past week.

We’ll see what the upcoming week brings. Maybe more words? Maybe just more code for Pikes Peak Writers.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-03-27

It’s broken record time! Yep. That means I’m still editing Warmistress. I’m on page 272 out of 335. Nearing the end. With a little luck and some hard work, I’ll get the red-lines done today. Then I can delve into taking my fixes and changes and put them into the electronic version. I figure that’ll take me a week to translate my caffeine-laden scribbles and turn them into fixed prose.

We’ll see how it goes….

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-03-20

In my last update I mentioned the martial arts program, so I wanted to follow-up on that. After a hard workout last Tuesday, I was left barely able to move my right arm and I had limited motion in my left arm. Fortunately, I was able to get into my chiropractor on Thursday evening and he put me on the road to a fairly quick recovery. It still took a few days for me to get back up to speed, though.

As as a result of me being very out of shape and pushing myself too hard on the first workout, I lost some editing time. Not much, though. I’m on page 90, and I had hoped to have been done by now. That’s okay. I’ve found some great places to really improve upon the work.

I’m hoping that the weekend will bring me loads of time to get through the remaining pages.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-03-13

I haven’t done much writing this past week, but I’ve done tons of editing. I’m walking my way through my print-out of Warmistress doing red-line edits. Marking places to improve, places to cut and places to expand upon. I’m on page 64 out of 335. I usually do edits faster than this, but I’ve added a new regiment to my already packed schedule.

I’ve been hovering around the 205 pound mark, and I’ve got a 175 pound frame. Yep. I’m 30 pounds overweight, and I’ve been this way for about two years. It’s time to do something about it. I’ve been sedentary for way too long.

To do something about this, I’ve started back into mixed martial arts practice. Nope. I’m not getting into the cage. That’s a young man’s sport, and I’m turning 40 this year. I’m doing it for the fantastic exercise, the self-confidence boost, and to learn how to defend myself in today’s world. I’m having a blast with it even though my aging body complains the next day. I just get back to it and push through the pain and discomfort to get through the next class.

Don’t worry. This isn’t turning into a martial arts blog, but I may mention things from time-to-time.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-03-06

Wow. It’s been almost a month since I last gave an update on my writing.

In that time, I’ve finished the first round of edits on Warmistress. I’ve taken a break from the book and done quite a bit of “busy work” since then:

  • Created a short story template for Scrivener that I’m finally happy with.
  • Converted my various formats (plain text, Word, LibreOffice) to a unified format within Scrivener.
  • Organized my stories into flash, short stories and novels.
  • Editing a handful of short stories to have something to submit to the new critique group.

In addition to the busy work, I’ve been working really hard on an urban fantasy story:

  • Started a short story and ended up with a novella. That’s okay. It’s a great story that I had a blast putting down.
  • Sat back and thought about the 14,000+ words I put down in the novella. Can I actually turn it into a full-blown novel? I’m not sure yet, but I’m considering it. If so, I’m about 15% the way to completion, so that’s something. However, I’d need to think on it more, generate an outline and probably chop up and expand the novella in many different places. At least I have words down!

My project for today will be to duplex print Warmistress, three-hole punch it and get it into a binder I’ve already prepped with a notepad and two red pens. Time to get to work on the second round of edits on the novel! Can’t wait to see what improvements I can make on the novel!

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2013-02-13

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I’m still editing Warmistress. I’ve made a few passes over chapters 11-13, but I’m not quite done with them. I did take a side character that the protagonist meets and made her quite a bit more bat-shit crazy. I either needed to make the side character compassionate or totally insane. I thought it would be more fun (and a little shocking) for the reader if the character went off the deep end and wrought utter destruction in the area of the protagonist. It worked out quite well, I think.