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2019 Appearances

I finally got some time to update my Appearances Page for 2019! Check out when I’ll be places other than in my writing cave and when I’ll be there!

New Read From the Old Shelf: Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster

The next novel I’m going to tackle is Alan Dean Foster’s Cyber Way. I remember enjoying this novel when I bought it from the Science Fiction Book Club back in high school. I stumbled across it not too long ago at a local…

Why Don’t You Self-Publish?

At work, I’m known as “the guy that’s written two books.” People are constantly asking me how my writing’s going. It feels good. Actually, it feelsĀ great to know that my co-workers care about my efforts outside the Day Job. It’s rewarding to know…

500 Fairy Tales Found

SQUEEEE!!!!! Yes. That’s me making a little-girl-that-just-got-a-pony-for-no-reason-at-all sound. I just found at that five hundred new fairy tales were found in Germany! I’m a huge fan of fairy tales. I love reading them. I love thinking about them. I love dissecting them. I…

Writing Away Retreats

A good friend of mine, Cicily Janus, runs a few retreats each year. She has one coming up in Breckenridge, CO that runs from October 13th through the 17th. While I’ve never been to one of her retreats, I can vouch for the…

Guest Blog Post at Ian’s Site

Hey everyone. I have a guest blog post up at Ian’s site. You can find the post here.