April 2015

Turning Things Around

2015-04-15T13:02:06-06:00April 15th, 2015|Agents, Conferences, Inspiration, Personal, Pikes Peak Writers|

I've hesitated making this post for a while. I received some good news today that changed my mind about posting this, so here it is.... I've been down on myself for a good number of months now as far as my writing goes. I've faced some emotional challenges. I've battled [...]

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March 2015

Childhood Home

2015-03-12T22:09:36-06:00March 12th, 2015|Personal|

Source: http://www.newswest9.com/story/28404028/crews-respond-to-late-night-midland-county I found out this morning that the home I consider the most important one I've ever had burned down in the early morning hours. While I lived in a good number of homes growing up, this is the one I consider my childhood home. My grandparents [...]

February 2015

An Article At SF Signal

2015-02-10T11:14:51-07:00February 10th, 2015|Personal|

Sarah Chorn (Bookworm Blues) put out a call on social media for articles for her Special Needs in Strange Worlds column over at SF Signal. I've been a big supporter and fan of Sarah's column since it came out, and when she needed help, I had an article leap into [...]

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January 2015

New Desk

2015-01-21T17:14:31-07:00January 21st, 2015|Housekeeping, Personal|

Note before you start reading: You can click the photos to view them full-sized. I just thought you might want to know that before you scroll down. My old desk was falling apart. The front lip was barely holding on, the surface was scratched and stained. I didn't care about [...]

December 2014

Obligatory 2014 Recap

2014-12-31T23:13:22-07:00December 31st, 2014|2014 Resolutions, Agents, Conferences, Mile Hi Con, Novels, Personal, Pikes Peak Writers, Publications, Rejections, Short Stories, Warmaiden|

Wow. What a year. Ups. Downs. Even some sideways curves thrown in. I'm not going to go through every, gritty little detail and bore you to death. Here are some highlights of the year for me! The year started out with a bang as the government decided it wanted back taxes [...]

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November 2014

A Post In Which I’m Interviewed

2014-11-17T22:23:09-07:00November 17th, 2014|Interviews, Personal|

Hey all. Long time no post. Sorry for the radio silence here, but life's been... well... life. I wanted to drop by here real quick and let everyone know that I'm still alive and well. I'm well enough to do interviews, too! I have proof of that statement over at K.J. [...]

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August 2014

The Cat’s in the Cradle

2014-08-28T11:29:58-06:00August 28th, 2014|Inspiration, Personal|

Cat's in the Cradle On Tuesday, when I got home from the Day Job, my son approached me within seconds of my backpack hitting the floor. He asked, "Daddy? Can we play football?" I told him that I wanted a few minutes to veg out and just chill before doing [...]

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