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Guest Post: Inside the Trunk with SJ Abraham

The moment in my writing career I’m most proud of happened just last year. I took the 85000 words of my debut novel that had consumed years of my life, hundreds if not thousands of hours of effort and thought, editing, querying and…

Guest Post for S.J. Abraham

I have a guest post over at Geekly Writing. It’s where I pontificate about and educate youngsters (get off my lawn and get to coding!) about how to carve out a path as a software engineer. You can see it right here.

Guest Post: Chris Baca — Self-Publishing Marketing

Five Things I learned from self-publishing that apply to marketing in general. By: Chris Baca I’ve learned a lot from publishing my first short story myself. Of course, I’ve dealt with trying to drive traffic to my site, seeking ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ and…