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August 2012

I Hate Getting Out Of My Car

2012-08-07T13:50:43-06:00August 7th, 2012|CSFWG, Entertainment, Podcasts|

For those of you that don't know, I've have a long drive (about 90 minutes with good traffic) to get from the garage in my house to the parking garage near work. I fill this time with podcasts like EscapePod, PodCastle and PseudoPod. However, they don't nearly come close to [...]

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January 2009


2010-09-17T00:18:21-06:00January 3rd, 2009|CSFWG|

No, this is not a political post. I'll never do that in this forum. Henry Snider, the long-time President of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer's Group has stepped down from his post. The announcement was made a year ago that this would happen, and I volunteered to attempt to fill [...]

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November 2008

I Showed My Shorts to Writer’s Digest!

2010-09-17T00:16:46-06:00November 21st, 2008|Contests, CSFWG|

I took the plunge, and entered my first writing contest this afternoon. I entered the annual short fiction contest hosted by Writer's Digest. This was the second-most nerve wracking action in my writing experience. What could be more world shaking than entering the first contest? Well... The first time I [...]

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