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15 02, 2009

No Short Results

2010-09-17T00:20:22-06:00February 15th, 2009|Contests|Comments Off on No Short Results

A few months ago, I showed my shorts to Writer's Digest to no avail. I was not contacted by the 13th of February which means I was not a finalist. I'm not horribly disappointed or distraught by this turn of events. It was my first entry, and I feel I [...]

21 11, 2008

I Showed My Shorts to Writer’s Digest!

2010-09-17T00:16:46-06:00November 21st, 2008|Contests, CSFWG|Comments Off on I Showed My Shorts to Writer’s Digest!

I took the plunge, and entered my first writing contest this afternoon. I entered the annual short fiction contest hosted by Writer's Digest. This was the second-most nerve wracking action in my writing experience. What could be more world shaking than entering the first contest? Well... The first time I [...]