No Short Results

A few months ago, I showed my shorts to Writer’s Digest to no avail. I was not contacted by the 13th of February which means I was not a finalist. I’m not horribly disappointed or distraught by this turn of events. It was my first entry, and I feel I may have been aiming a little high for this phase in my writing career.

While getting the story in the book of finalists would have met my goal of getting published by the end of the year, this frees up the story to be submitted to other venues and arenas. I have a few in mind, and I will start working on them next week. The rest of this week is being consumed by my current career as a software engineer/information security engineer.

I Showed My Shorts to Writer’s Digest!

I took the plunge, and entered my first writing contest this afternoon. I entered the annual short fiction contest hosted by Writer’s Digest. This was the second-most nerve wracking action in my writing experience. What could be more world shaking than entering the first contest? Well…

The first time I submitted a piece of my writing to the CSFWG Saturday group, I was forced to swallow a good number of butterflies for the entire month while waiting for critiques to return. The story was a cyberpunk (dark future science fiction for those of you that don’t know the term) piece entitled THE HACK, which was an appropriate title, since the writing was very hack-ish and poorly put together. I’m so glad they didn’t mock me too much for my fresh efforts and juvenile delivery of fiction. After receiving those critiques, I learned that having a good story to tell is only a small part of the fiction recipe. Delivery of the story is just as important, if not more important, than simply telling a tale.

I won’t hear back from Writer’s Digest until February 13th, if at all. If I don’t hear anything, then I know I’m not a finalist. If I hear back at that point, then I know I’ve made it to the next round. Here’s to hoping I get an email or phone call or letter or carrier pidgeon or something on or around that time.

Here’s to hoping AUTOPULSE (yet another dark future story) does well in the field!