Keep up with where I’m going to be and when I’m going to be there! This includes online appearances (such as podcasts and guest blog posts) as well as upcoming conferences that I’ll be attending.

Here are some podcast episodes I’ve appeared on.

Here’s where I’ll be as far as near-future events go:

Book Signings:

I have a book signing lined up at the downtown Colorado Springs Hooked on Books location. This is for Griffin’s Feather, which is about an immortal Roman centurion who works as a bounty hunter for the gods of the ancient world while living in modern-day San Antonio. This is my first public signing, so I hope to see lots of familiar and new faces there! You can sign up for the public event and let me know that you’re coming on my Facebook event. The signing is on September 8th from noon until 3PM.


I plan on being at MileHiCon on October 19-21. I’ve filled out the right forms to get on programming, so we’ll see how things go there. If I land on programming, I’ll update things here to let you know.