What I Write

blue_quillI tend to write dark and forbidding themes in a variety of genres.

My favorite genre is cyberpunk, but finding anything new in that arena is nearly impossible. This tells me the genre is dead, and as Hollie in my writer’s group said, “You can’t give cyberpunk away these days.” There are quite a few reasons for this phenomenon, but I’ll save that conversation for another forum.

My second favorite genre is fantasy, and I tend to write in the vein of Dennis L. McKiernan and Terry Brooks. Some people in my writer’s group complain about the “unoriginal” format of traditional fantasy, yet those styles of stories continue to sell like hotcakes. I’m not writing in this style or area because of the large market share, but because I love the genre. By sticking with unoriginal formats, I am free to explore the darker corners of fantasy without being required to define the world or environment. My efforts can be more intensely focused on the point of my story.

My gloomy and disturbing ideas also naturally lend themselves towards the genre of horror. I have not written much in this direction, but I do give it a good effort from time-to-time. Hank, the resident horror expert in my writer’s group, has applauded my efforts, and his kind words keep my head up while I work on developing these skills.