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I spent the July 4th weekend at a remote cabin in a mountain valley here in Colorado. Over the course of the long weekend, I managed to add a little more than 10,000 words to Hammer of Vindication. I’m to the point where I only need to write the final three chapters to get the first draft done.

With all that progress under my belt, I felt really good…. then a bout of depression hit. As most of the world knows, I’m type II bipolar. That means I have higher highs and lower lows than most people. I am on proper medication to mitigate these abnormal highs and lows, but I still sometimes cycle higher/lower than I like. There’s not much I can do for it beyond the medication I’m already on and trying to be self aware of what’s going on in my brain, so it doesn’t negatively impact those around me. That self awareness is the hardest part of this all because I’m too close to myself to truly see myself.

The depression lasted for about 10 days, but I managed to slowly crawl out of the blues. During that time, I didn’t do a whole lot. My Modern Mythology posts and my regular weekly mailing list updates suffered from the lack of desire to do more than the minimum to survive and get through the day. I’m sorry I missed out on those, and I apologize to those folks that enjoy reading those. I just couldn’t make myself do it.

Right after the depression faded away and life returned to some semblance of normal, I realized that I had a short story due very soon for an upcoming anthology. I’m guaranteed a spot, so it’s nothing like that. However, I feel I’m a good enough horror writer to earn a position somewhere in the anthology. The editors are being nice enough to do a “preview edit” of submissions if you get it turned in early enough, and I sent Cabin Fever off to them a couple of days ago. We’ll see what kind of feedback they have for me.

Now that I’m out of my funk, I need to refocus on Hammer of Vindication and get it done. I have an editor lined up, but I’m not on her schedule just yet. I want to get my first draft (and my own edits) done first. I’m now targeting the middle of August for getting that done.

I’m still releasing the first book (in small chunks) of the Flashing Blades series over on Royal Road. If you’re interested in seeing the releases a little before the free Royal Road readership (and in full chapters at a time), you can back me over at my Patreon for $5 a month. There’s also a $1 “tip jar” level if you’re interested in backing me just a little.

What I’m Reading

I’m still cranking my way through The Sword and Sorcery Anthology. I’m about halfway through the thick anthology and I’m super jazzed with the vast majority of these tales. If the sword & sorcery genre is your jam, I highly recommend this book. Of course, the recommendation might be premature. If the latter half of the book sucks, I’ll be disappointed. I doubt that’ll happen, though. The chosen stories have been great, and I see no reason that won’t continue.

What I’m Watching

I finished up the first season of Tidelands. It was really good. I liked the mix of modern times and mythology elements. The final episode is definitely a cliffhanger, so I hope it gets greenlit by Netflix for a second season.

After finishing up Tidelands, I moved on to Another Life in hopes it would be a slightly lighter story in the space opera or science fiction genres. Not so much. It’s fraught with manufactured tension and implausible disasters. The pacing is also plodding at times, so I found myself bored and wondering if I could skip ahead a few minutes to get to the point. I don’t recommend this show. I watched 4 episodes. I stopped partway through the fifth episode, and won’t be returning to it.

So I turned back to Altered Carbon, and I’ve been pleased by the watching experience. The second season is just as good as the first! I’m going to keep watching. The storyline that they set up at the end of the first season is playing out nicely, and I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

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