Amaroks are giant wolf-like creatures from Inuit mythology. They are said to hunt human hunters who perform their tasks alone at night. While wolves hunt in packs, an Amarok is truly a “lone wolf” and always hunts alone.

There are other, specific tales of Amarok taking care of their pups, killing people by taking their soul, and providing strength to those in need and with a humble request.

Modern Usage

There are tales and usage of The Wild Hunt in which a large group of supernatural and mythological creatures follow a single leader during a hunt for unfortunate travelers across the lands. These are prevalent across northern Europe. As a counter point to The Wild Hunt, I like the idea of a lone hunter.

It’s common for individuals in the military to have call signs during a mission to avoid revealing their true identity, and to make it easier for communication. Instead of using “Alpha” for “A,” I’d change things up a bit and use “Amarok,” but only if it applied to a sniper that was in support of an insertion team or oversight operation. Now, I realize that snipers usually have a spotter, so the “lone wolf” aspect doesn’t really fit here. It’s close enough that I think it works.


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