In case you’ve missed the news on my mailing list, I want to drop a quick note here to let everyone in on two news items.

The first is that I’m serializing a sword & sorcery novel (Dark Blessing) on a platform called Royal Road. You can see it listed in the profile I have over at Royal Road. I plan on doing the early release of chapters and scenes over there for free. Of course, once I publish the book, I have to remove the content from Royal Road because I plan on doing the KDP Select program, and they don’t allow the book to be up in electronic format on competing platforms (even for free).

The second news item is that I totally restructured and relaunched my Patreon program. You can now get early access to chapters (earlier than Royal Road), ebooks, print books, access to a Discord channel, and even a monthly Zoom meeting with yours truly via Patreon. What you get depends on what level you back me at. The higher the dollar amount, the better the goods become.

If you have any questions about these two changes in my writing life, feel free to leave a comment here or contact me.