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With this being the last Thursday of the month, I’m not sending out my weekly newsletter, but I’m making this post instead. I almost goofed and sent an email and made this post that’ll go into the inboxes of my subscribers. Glad I didn’t make the mistake of nailing their inbox twice in one day. If you’re not a subscriber and want micro-updates from me on a weekly basis (along with a mythology moment, book recommendation, and a cool quote for the week), head over to my contact page and scroll down to the Mailing List header (or look in the right sidebar of any page).

Writing Updates

I’ve been hard at work on Hammer of Vindication. It’s the third book in the Flashing Blades sword & sorcery series that I’m working on. I’m almost done with chapter 16. At the start of this month, I had just started chapter 13. That’s about 4 chapters for this month. You have no idea how extraordinarily happy I am with those results. I have barely written anything since mid-January for a variety of stress-related reasons. Many of those stressors are still around, but I’ve found ways to cope with them as best I can in order to write more.

BTW: If you go looking for books one and two in the Flashing Blades series, you won’t find it out in the wild. I’m going to get four books written in the series, then run with a “rapid release” cycle to get those four (along with a fifth and sixth that I write while releasing the others) out into the world about five weeks apart from one another. It’s going to be a fun ride!

I started releasing the first book (in small chunks) of the Flashing Blades series over on Royal Road. If you’re interested in seeing the releases a little before the free Royal Road readership (and in full chapters at a time), you can back me over at my Patreon for $5 a month. There’s also a $1 “tip jar” level if you’re interested in backing me just a little.

What I’m Reading

I’m slowly working my way through The Sword and Sorcery Anthology. I mainly started reading it to get my head back into the sword & sorcery mindset. It worked! That means I’m only on the 4th story of the anthology because I’ve been cranking out the words. I’m enjoying the stories so far, but those early stories are rough around the edges as compared to what I’m used to out of modern prose. Maybe that’s an insult and bad way of putting. They’re not “rough around the edges.” They’re just from a time 85-90 years ago. Language has evolved. Prose has evolved. Storytelling has pretty much stayed the same, even if the delivery method has shifted over time. These are great stories, for sure. I’m just struggling a bit with the older ways of stringing words together. The more modern stories in the anthology should flow more smoothly for me. At least, I hope they do.

What I’m Watching

I’ve been alternating between the first season of Tidelands and the second season of Altered Carbon. They’re both really fascinating stories, and both are very much adult content for the usual reason things garner the “TV-MA” rating. Keep the kiddies away from these shows!

Tidelands caught my eye because it appeared to take the mythological sirens and dropped them into a modern-day drug smuggling effort set in Australia. It hasn’t disappointed, but I wish the sirens’ capabilities had been drawn out into the open to the viewer a little earlier. Yeah, there’s an opening scene with a siren, but what she did… well… anyone that can hold their breath for a while could have done. It wasn’t obvious that it was a supernatural thing until later in the show.

Altered Carbon is a show that I’m also loving. It’s cyberpunk (one of my favorite genres). It’s dark. It’s grim. It’s fascinating. The jargon of the show flows naturally from the setting and story. It’s wonderful and compelling! Also, the writers of the show haven’t pulled any punches on making life a real pain in the ass for the protagonist. He just can’t seem to catch a break. That’s good. I prefer these kinds of shows over a Mary Sue character any day of the week.

Upcoming Appearances

Yeah… About this section. I pulled it in from a template, and didn’t have the heart to delete it. With the pandemic, there are no upcoming appearances. However, I’m going to fill this space with best wishes for you and yours. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and try to keep each other as happy as you can during these times.

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