Pamola is a cold weather spirit that is said to live in or on Katahdin, which is the tallest mountain in Maine. The spirit has the head of a moose, the body of a man, and the feet and wings of an eagle. The Abenaki mythos reflects Pamola as a spirit to be respected and feared. It is taboo to climb Katahdin because it will anger Pamola.

Modern Usage

There’s not much to go on here, but there’s enough meat on the bones to weave a modern tale along these lines. With Pamola being a cold weather spirit, I went to cryogenics in a near-cyberpunk setting for my modern usage. I conceptualized a cryogenics center or company named Katahdin, and they use a private security force, aptly named Pamola, to protect their premises.

Of course, if you add up cyberpunk and corporation, this means Katahdin is up to no good, as befits the setting. In the tale that popped into my head, the richest-of-the-rich entombed their bodies and/or heads within the cryogenic systems of Katahdin in hopes of being revived at a later date when whatever killed them is cured. However, a system error within Katahdin’s freezers went haywire (perhaps a hack or rogue AI?) and thawed many of the tenants before anyone was ready. This led to a permanent death for those seeking something akin to immortality.

No one outside Katahdin is aware of this error, even Pamola’s security forces. Entering the facility is prohibited (thus echoing the “taboo to climb” aspect of the myth), but a plucky group of folks have sniffed out rumors of the failure. They are seeking to expose the secret to bring down a ruthless corporation while the company is naturally trying to keep things on the down low.

That, my dear readers, is the start of a modernized story seed based on a myth. It’s one I might actually write. I don’t know.


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