Viper's Bane Audiobook CoverThe audiobook for Viper’s Bane went live on Friday! Today is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down at my computer and plink away at the keyboard, so here’s my official announcement of the audiobook release. The same narrator, Charles Kehlenberg, did this book as well as Griffin’s Feather. I honestly think he did a bang-up job on both books. I loved hearing my story retold through this voice when I listened to the audiobooks. It was like someone telling me a story that I already knew, but from a different perspective. Both books are fantastic to listen to.

If you’re still interested in landing a signed copy of the physical book, you can order those directly from me.

Thanks to everyone for all their support over the years. It’s kept me going throughout the highs and lows.

The next book in the Modern Mythology series is tentatively titled “Trickster’s Laugh” and is currently underway. I hope to have the rough draft done in a couple of months and then go through the beta reader process before sending it off to WordFire to see if they like what I’ve created.