This is a day late because a power outage that started yesterday about noon and continued for another 22 hours. I blame Mother Nature because, well, it was her fault after all. Colorado (and other places) were hit with a “Bomb Cyclone” that brought hurricane-force winds, loads of snow, and some some generally crazy weather. This caused headaches, heartaches, and troubles for thousands (millions?) of people around the area. I was one of those impacted, but I didn’t mind because I was safe, mostly warm, and hanging out with my family during the worst of it. Others, like those keeping folks safe, doing rescues, repairing power lines, and so on didn’t have the luxury of being home with their loved ones. I’m extremely grateful to all those that braved the Bomb Cyclone to help others.

Anyway… Yesterday was the release date for the second Modern Mythology book!

In this novel, Marcus Barber, the immortal Roman centurion, must rescue his friend, Eddie, from the grips of maniacal mercenaries hired by Marcus’s former lover, Joelle. In addition to saving Eddie, Marcus must also track down the location of the Egyptian Ancient, Apep, and prevent a cult from using the Ancient’s essence to poison the Riverwalk area of San Antonio. All the while, he continues his quest to find his father, and has a side gig of stealing corporate documents for a white-collar espionage job.

I’ve updated my novel publications page with links to all of the fine locations you can find the paperback and ebook. I don’t have physical copies in my hands just yet, but I’m working on remedying that right now. As soon as I get my sweaty palms on the “dead tree” copies, I’ll update my shopping cart and make it available for purchase directly from me.

Thanks to everyone out there that made this second book possible by picking up (and in some cases reviewing) the first novel. Also thanks go out to a whole slew of people that made this book better. I’m not going to bore you with the lengthy list, but if you did beta reads, the one gamma read (you know who you are!), edits, or final reads on this novel… THANK YOU!

Now on with our regularly scheduled programming (which means writing book #3 in the series, which is tentatively titled “Coyote’s Laugh” but that may change.)