The audiobook for Griffin’s Feather is finally live! If you want to hear the wonderful Charles Kahlenberg narrate his way through my words and push his fantastic voice into your ear space, head on over to Audible as fast as you can to get your copy. This is a limited time offer*. Get the book while supplies last**.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m over the moon excited to be able to announce the arrival of my debut novel in audio format. As the author, I did get a sneak peak at the audio. (Technically, I reviewed the whole thing.) Hearing Charles’s baritone voice enact my words to me gave me chills. Heck, just thinking about the quality of his narration gives me chills again.

*Limited by the end of the world as we know it, the end of Audible, or the heat-death of the Universe.

**I don’t think Audible will “run out” of MP3 files, so this statement is pure hyperbole.