The second novel in the Modern Mythology series is coming soon from WordFire Press. The edits are done. The cover art is done. As far as I know, the remaining steps are:

  • Cover layout
  • Interior layout for print
  • Ebook layout
  • Final readers
  • Me making any adjustments based on final reader feedback

This makes me incredibly happy to know that I have a burgeoning series on my hands. As soon as VIPER’S BANE is available, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops.

In some GRIFFIN’S FEATHER news, I finished my proof of the audiobook last night and sent in my notes for some adjustments/corrections. They are pretty minimal, to be honest. I don’t expect much in the way of delays before the audiobook hits Audible’s shelves.

Lastly, the third book in the Modern Mythology series (tentatively titled COYOTE’S LAUGH) is outlined and the writing is underway. This one is pretty fun from the get-go, so I hope everyone out there will enjoy it as much as I’m having fun writing it!