Welp. February is officially over. I managed to do 8 days out of the 28 in the month. Not a great success rate, to be honest. The month basically conspired to be one of the busiest I’ve had in a long, long time. Work was overwhelming. Writing (not here) ramped up quite a bit. Cub Scouts with my son has escalated to critical mass (I’m now the Assistant Cubmaster with plans to become the Cubmaster around this time next year). My son also had his science fair project to work on (with my help), and now a book report is in progress. Oh. We also built his pinewood derby car…. mostly. The construction is done, but we still need to decorate it.



Like crazy busy.

However, this has almost all be a good kind of busy. The lone exception is the Day Job work sucking me dry almost every day. Things are changing for the better soon, I hope. We’ll see how it goes.

The end result was a collection of eight little vignettes of prose that I hope you enjoyed. I enjoyed those 80 minutes (yeah, that’s it, 80 minutes) of writing. They helped me get through those days, and fueled the fire for my other writing. I found joy in those 10-minute bursts. They helped remind me what I enjoy about creating with the written word.

Even though I only hit 8 out of 28, I feel this was a success because of my renewed vigor for my other writing efforts.

That’s a win. A Big Win.

Thanks for following along with me through February. I might still do a few of those 10-minute sprints here and there if I feel like it. I’m certainly not done with them.