Day 5 flew by (shopping and then the Super Bowl) and right after I got home, I crashed and burned. My wife is sick right now, and I think my body is fighting it off as well. This means my energy reserves are low, so my time slotted for doing this yesterday was spent getting ready for bed and going to bed a bit early.

On with Day 6, though!

See here for my intro to what I’m doing this month. Check the bottom of the post for links to other people that are participating on their own blogs.

Five Random Words:

  • Muscat
  • muscatels
  • viewers
  • typographically
  • elder

Free Association:

  • old
  • elf
  • elven
  • forest
  • bow
  • arrow
  • archery
  • hunting
  • deer
  • venison
  • stew
  • chili
  • spicy
  • heartburn
  • heartache
  • broken heart
  • romance
  • love
  • happily ever after
  • sunset
  • dusk
  • moon rise
  • full moon
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • dark ages
  • medieval
  • euro-centric fantasy
  • alternate fantasy
  • urban fantasy
  • into the fire


This is going to be non-fiction. It’s about my friend’s book. Patrick Hester just had his first published novel, Into the Fire: Samantha Kane Vol. 1, released a bit ago. I’m so over the moon happy for him, that I can’t help contain my excitement. He’s worked for years on this novel. If my memory is serving me correctly, this was the first thing he submitted to our old critique group. He submitted roughly 50 pages (that was our monthly limit) to the group.

My process back in the day (and I still use it) was to rank the submissions in order of “least want to read” to “most want to read.” The unknowns always went on top, and the “most want to read” went to the bottom. It gave me something to look forward to after slogging through the less refined prose. Patrick’s submissions very quickly went from the “unknown; top of the pile” slot to the bottom of the pile, and his prose stayed at the bottom of the pile each month. It was my treat — my dessert — for “eating” my way through the rest of the submissions.

His work was great back then, and it’s only improved over the years that I’ve known him. As an example: The first submission I gave back to him had coffee stains on several pages. I happened to have a mouthful of coffee when a particularly hilarious line hit me… and that coffee ended up spraying out my nose and onto the pages. I had to apologize to Patrick that month about the stains on his words. It wasn’t the last time I had to make such an apology as he continued to amaze me with his craft month after month.

Congratulations, Patrick! You have this first success under your belt. It’s been well earned, and I hope many more come your way!

Other Participants:

Stace Johnson