What happened to day 3?!?! Well, the Day Job was SUPER busy, and I had to work on another large project at lunch and during the evening. The next thing I knew, it was the 4th. Things happen. No need to beat myself up for missing a day.

On with day #4!

See here for my intro to what I’m doing this month. Check the bottom of the post for links to other people that are participating on their own blogs.

Five Random Words:

  • hairiness
  • unanimity
  • Johannes
  • enthralls
  • Dobbin

Free Association:

  • ugly
  • gross
  • snot
  • sick
  • cold
  • flu
  • lung butter
  • fields
  • stones
  • granite
  • golem
  • flesh
  • life
  • death
  • grave
  • six feet under
  • funeral
  • cemetery
  • headstones
  • flags
  • patriotism
  • country


I pushed open the abandoned house’s front door with a loud squeal of rusted hinges. I wanted to sneak in, and I hated the sound the hinges caused. There was nothing to be done for it. I prepared for an assault as soon as I stepped into the dim foyer.

Nothing happened.

This put me even more on edge. I knew someone, perhaps something, had to be in the house. The random lights coming on in the house along with different windows being opened at different times tipped me off. I’d been watching the house for the past two weeks waiting for my chance. The moon was finally new and the overcast skies blocked out the stars.

The inky blackness was my best chance to get into the house, find the hidden treasure the urban legends spoke about, and get out unseen.

A light from around the corner barely illuminated the entryway. I swallowed hard and moved across the creaky floorboards into the living room. The light came from the dining room through an open archway.

I stopped and listened.

The silence lasted only a few seconds before a gravelly voice commanded, “Come into the dining room. Have a seat. I’ve been waiting for you.”

I looked back at the still-open front door and contemplated fleeing, but the promise of untold riches in this house pushed me forward.

Moving into the dining room, I found a large stone man, a golem, sitting at the head of the table.

He motioned to a chair halfway down the table. “Have a seat. We have much to discuss.”

Other Participants:

Stace Johnson