See here for my intro to what I’m doing this month. Check the bottom of the post for links to other people that are participating on their own blogs.

Five Random Words:

  • allege
  • portico
  • entombed
  • Northerner
  • treadling

Free Association:

  • buried
  • dead
  • cemetery
  • mausoleum
  • casket
  • cement box
  • cement shoes
  • sink, not swim
  • mobsters
  • mafia
  • Russian
  • hackers
  • election
  • really, we went there?
  • reset
  • reboot
  • Big Red Button
  • power outage
  • blackout
  • babies
  • born
  • birth
  • life
  • renewal
  • hope
  • future
  • science fiction
  • science fact
  • facts
  • science
  • questioning facts
  • making progress


Josie shoved off of the outer bulkhead and floated counterspin toward the main tunnel in the core of the station. From her orientation, it went up and down, but it could have just as easily been a left/right option. When she neared the tunnel, she dragged her fingertips along the ceiling to slow her flight. It also brought her closer to the “up” tunnel she needed to go through.

The computer spoke to her through a stud embedded in her skull just behind her ear. “T-minus ninety seconds to detonation.”

Grinding her teeth against the reminder, Josie grabbed a ring at the intersection and swung upward with all her might. She’d practiced this maneuver many times and had almost perfected it, but had never done it when the station was about to self destruct. She had to time things just right to get to the escape pod, cycle the airlock, and get inside. The pod would protect her from the explosion, she hoped, so all she had to do was get inside and buckle in.

Josie’s timing was off and she slammed against a wall that sent her spinning upward toward the escape pod’s airlock in a strange angle. She tried to orient herself as she flew, but never could manage to get a foot or hand on a handle to send herself into a controlled flight path.

She wasn’t going to make it, and now, more than ever, she wished she’d never been forced to push the Big Red Button on the upper left of the bridge’s main control panel.

Other Participants:

Stace Johnson