Huh. Been a while since I’ve sat down to do this. I’ve been battling a medium-sized head cold for the past few days, and work has been a bear. I’m on a team of 3 people. 1 has been out for 3 weeks (he’s back Monday!!!), and the other has been in/out taking care of her husband after some sort of surgery. I’ve also had massive projects at work ramping up. Basically, at the end of the day, I’m wiped out (from the cold and excess work), and I really don’t want to sit down in front of a computer. I usually have a spare moment or three during the day at work. That hasn’t been the case.

Ok. Enough of my bellyaching and making of excuses. Time to get rolling with the post for today.

See here for my intro to what I’m doing this month. Check the bottom of the post for links to other people that are participating on their own blogs.

Five Random Words:

  • hawked
  • gamine
  • stockholders
  • islets
  • dampening

Free Association:

  • business
  • taxes
  • accountant
  • CPA
  • treasurer
  • non-profit
  • Pikes Peak Writers
  • writing
  • fiction
  • query
  • pitching
  • selling
  • marketing
  • cover design
  • cover art
  • artist
  • drawing
  • painting
  • amazing
  • talented
  • NotSomethingICanDo
  • blank page
  • scary
  • GottaDoItAnyway
  • typing
  • words
  • sentences
  • paragraphs
  • chapters
  • novels
  • series
  • trilogies


Mary sat down at her typewriter to put down more words about her favorite character, Sue. Sue was a stay-at-home mom with a weird talent for knowing exactly what her husband and children were thinking, no matter where they were or how far away they were. Sue’s ability was her most secret thing.

Mary typed out a line of narrative about Sue listening in on her husband while the hot administrative assistant walked by. Her husband had a few lewd thoughts about the curvy red-head.

Sue screamed off the page at Mary, “He wouldn’t do that! He’s faithful to me!”

Mary squeaked like a stepped-upon mouse and pushed back from her desk. “Sue? How did you do that?”

Sue pushed her way off the paper and out of the typewriter. “I’m powerful, right? We’ll in your next book, you’re going to make me powerful enough to leave my fictional world and enter yours. Got it?”

“How did you know that? I’d only just started outlining that second novel.”

Sue sighed. “I’m a mind reader, remember? You gave me that ability. Now, what do you think I do with that while you’re typing away here in your lonely, cold basement?”

Mary glanced around the brick walls. She took a moment to take in the dank pipes, washer/dryer combo unit, and the broken-down freezer. “It’s not that lonely. Fuzzbucket comes to visit me on occasion.”

“That’s your cat. You need some real companionship. I’m talking about humans. Get out. Go see the world. Then come back and write a steamy sex scene between me and my husband. Do you know how many chapters it’s been since I’ve been laid?”

Other Participants:

Stace Johnson