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28 01, 2016

Thirty Years Gone By

2016-03-10T12:39:16-06:00January 28th, 2016|Personal|Comments Off on Thirty Years Gone By

"Challenger flight 51-l crew" by NASA - NASA Human Space Flight Gallery. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - Wow. 30 years. I was 12. One of Challenger's SRBs burned a hole in the EFT and it exploded. This forced the space shuttle to disintegrate under sheer [...]

5 01, 2016


2016-01-05T14:57:59-06:00January 5th, 2016|Personal, Short Stories|Comments Off on SMART Goals

When I was a manager at a past Day Job, we had to take a 2.3 million hours worth of classes on "how to manage" and related topics. 99.99999% of the classes were absolutely worthless to me in my daily life, the Day Job, every job I've had since, and [...]