First off, a bit of distant back story. I’ve written a trilogy that is trunked. I consider it my “practice trilogy.” It’s not going to go anywhere for so many different reasons. However, these three novels allowed me to get where I am today as a writer. A writer that can sling a great story.

While that trilogy was a sword & sorcery style fantasy series, I’ve started up a new series that is firmly within the urban fantasy genre. Why the switch? Because I had the idea hit me, and it demanded I write it. I also wrote some test material with the main character, and it was fun to write. I haven’t had a fun writing experience in a long time, so I had to run with this for my own sanity.

As it turns out…. if you have fun writing something, people have fun reading it. My critique group gave me a whole slew of improvements to make to the story. I had a few beta readers expand on those suggestions, and this is the strongest novel I’ve ever put out.

So I hired a professional editor. If the book is so “strong” why would I need any editor? Two reasons:

  1. The book was shy of a low-end word count for urban fantasy by about 20,000 words. Maybe more.
  2. This is currently my best hope (but not my last hope!) for getting a novel published. I want to put my absolute best foot forward on this book.

Now for a bit more backstory that is more recent. Back in March, Pikes Peak Writers had Stuart Horwitz come speak at one of our Write Brains (and I hope we manage to get him back for the 2016 Pikes Peak Writers Conference!) Stuart is the author of Blueprint Your Bestseller and Book Architecture: How to Plot and Outline Without Using a Formula. When he spoke at our event, I could tell he really knew his stuff. He’s also the head dude over at Book Architecture. When I checked out his books (I have read both and they are excellent!), and his services at Book Architecture, I knew I wanted to work with him.

I reached out to Stuart a while back, and we chatted via email about working together. When I had my finances wrangled to the point where I could afford the edits, I hit Stuart up and we started the process. Within a month, I had his feedback in hand and a phone call arranged for discussing the written feedback.

I just finished getting off the call from Stuart, and he was fantastic. Not just on the call, but all the way around. I’m very happy with the feedback, information, suggestions, insight, ideas, and so on Stuart provided to me. He’s someone I would gladly work with again on a future effort, and I think everyone that is “this close” to finishing the polish on a novel should reach out to him.

You remember that 20,000 word gap I mentioned that’s in need of filling? The #1 directive I gave Stuart is that I need to fill in those words without “padding” or “watering down” the story.

He nailed it.

His ideas for what the book is lacking will easily let me get closer to the industry accepted word counts for an urban fantasy novel.

Enough of me blathering on here about this. You have links above to do the clicky thing on. I have a novel to dive into and get some edits and additions put into place.

Thanks for everything, Stuart!