Chuck Wending posted a flash fiction challenge here. I’ve taken up the challenge. Here goes my (up to) 1000 words:

This requires quite a bit of introspection on my part. I started writing when I was ten years old. I walked away. I picked it back up when I was fifteen, and dropped it again. I tried some in my early twenties, but had no real support group for it. Again, I moved on to other things.

Despite these stops and starts, I always wanted to create. I always wanted to forge stories in the form of words. I tried music, but I have no rhythm. I tried art, but I just don’t have the patience to master that craft. I tried photography, but it felt too mechanical and artificial for my tastes. (This is no bash against photographers. That’s just how I felt internally when I looked through the viewfinder at the world instead of just looking at the world.)

It wasn’t until I discovered the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group nine years ago (this month!) that I found a home for my writerly heart. With a support group around me, I found the encouragement and drive to continue chasing the goal of becoming published. The random discovery of the CSFWG bookmark/advertisement on a cork board in Poor Richard’s Pizza Shop forever changed my life.

However, this doesn’t answer the question of, “Why do you write?”

For two decades (plus a few years), I knew I wanted to write, but I didn’t quite know why. In the past nine years, I’ve come to learn the following:

I write to…

… entertain.
… make people think.
… make people uncomfortable.
… challenge myself.
… challenge my internal assumptions.
… to stroke my ego.
… to leave a mark on the world.
… to allow an escape from this world for others.
… to create an escape from this world for myself.
… to be able to point to something and say, “I did that.”
… to purge my demons.
… to find new demons to chase, and that might chase me back.
… to discover (and create!) new worlds for me to play in.

Now… you may have noticed the “ego stroke” reason in there. That’s me being brutally honest. I’m not a highly egotistical person (though some might argue that point since I’m a writer), but there’s a part of me — a deep-down, driving part of me — that wants to walk into a book store and see my name on the shelf on the spine of a book.

If you have reasons you write, throw the words into your blog (or similar media), head over to Chuck’s site, and drop him a link!