Yeah. That’s the same sound a little girl makes when she’s found out that her father bought her a pony for her eighth birthday.

It’s the same sound I made when I read this article on /..

You see, I was an avid player of Star Control 2 when it came out. I was deep in a funk. I was unemployed, was having some health issues, and generally not feeling well about my 19-year-old self. I decided I was going to go buy something to cheer me up. Unfortunately, I had no money because of the lack of a job. Fortunately, I had my grandfather’s credit card “for emergency use only.”

I considered this an emergency. I hit the mall. I was going to buy a little something to cheer me up. The first store I went into was Software Etc.. (Are those even still around?) I wandered the store looking for a game on the cheap. I didn’t want to upset my grandfather and have him yank the card from me for being extravagant.

I perused the selection for about 30 minutes before I came across Star Control II sitting on the shelf. I think the price-point was somewhere in the $40 area. I picked it up and compared it against the other 2-3 games I already had in my hands. I eventually settled on Star Control II for my purchase.

I was not disappointed.

My roommate at the time (Vince) loved the game as much as I did. We spent countless hours playing “Super Melee” against one another, and even more hours watching each other play the role-playing section of the game. He finished the role-playing portion before I did, but I wasn’t far behind him. I think I finished it about three days after he did. We had extensive notes, coordinates, save points, and general advice for each other.

The game pulled me out of my funk.

Fast forward more than a decade, and I come across this open source game called “The Ur-Quan Masters” in a software repository. I wasn’t looking for a game or anything. It just came across the alphabetical listing. I immediately forgot what I had been looking for and downloaded/installed the game. I hoped it was a clone or extension of Star Control II.

It was neither of those. It was the original Star Control II rebuilt as open source!

I let loose a “SQUEEEEEE” back then just like a did today.

I’ve been playing The Ur-Quan Masters ever since. I play it almost daily. I’ve beating the role-playing story line a few more times, but I get a vast amount of enjoyment out of the Super Melee that I play against the computer (on the hardest level, I might add.)

Seeing that there will be a new version of Star Control excites me to no end. I can’t wait for it to come out. I’ll back the Kickstarter! I’ll pre-order! I’ll buy it on Steam! Give me a way to get that game, and I’m all over it.

PS: Yes, I played Star Control III, but it sucked. I didn’t play it for long because of the clunky controls and crap game play. Shame on the makers of that game. They sullied the good name of a fine game.

PPS: Yes, my grandfather was upset with me for “wasting” $40 on a “worthless game.” I can see his point. I should have been trying to find a new job instead of dicking around with a game. Ah well. Wasted youth and all that.