This year, I’m going to take more control of things that lie within my grasp. For me, that means the writing, editing, and submitting prose.

To be more precise, this means writing/editing/polishing an average of one short story per month. My year-end tally might be a little higher than that, and I’m not going to say, “Welp. I wrote a short story this month, so I’m done until next month.” I’m hoping for a total of around 15 short stories, but we’ll see where things go from here. The minimum I’ll be happy with is one dozen new short stories sitting in my “writing” folder.

You’ll notice that I listed “submitting” as things I can control. (Hint: You can control this too!)

More details are needed on this front as well. For each story I get ready for publication, I’m going to send it out to at least three markets. Honestly, it’ll be more like ten markets (maybe more!), but the minimum I’ll accept out of my efforts is three submissions per story.

So… Doing a little math, I’ll be sending out at least thirty-six submissions this year. Honestly, it’ll be closer to 120 submissions, and might even be as high as 200.

Oh. I left out the part about “publish some short stories.” There’s something about that. I’m not in control of actual publication. I can just finish some damn good stories and put them in front of people. The rest will happen as it happens.

We’ll see how things go, and I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress.