Wow. It’s been almost a month since I last gave an update on my writing.

In that time, I’ve finished the first round of edits on Warmistress. I’ve taken a break from the book and done quite a bit of “busy work” since then:

  • Created a short story template for Scrivener that I’m finally happy with.
  • Converted my various formats (plain text, Word, LibreOffice) to a unified format within Scrivener.
  • Organized my stories into flash, short stories and novels.
  • Editing a handful of short stories to have something to submit to the new critique group.

In addition to the busy work, I’ve been working really hard on an urban fantasy story:

  • Started a short story and ended up with a novella. That’s okay. It’s a great story that I had a blast putting down.
  • Sat back and thought about the 14,000+ words I put down in the novella. Can I actually turn it into a full-blown novel? I’m not sure yet, but I’m considering it. If so, I’m about 15% the way to completion, so that’s something. However, I’d need to think on it more, generate an outline and probably chop up and expand the novella in many different places. At least I have words down!

My project for today will be to duplex print Warmistress, three-hole punch it and get it into a binder I’ve already prepped with a notepad and two red pens. Time to get to work on the second round of edits on the novel! Can’t wait to see what improvements I can make on the novel!