Yesterday morning the annual elections for the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group were held. Until that time, I’d been a volunteer/leader of the organization for five years. The first year was as Saturday Officer (called Saturday VP at the time), and the past four years was as president of the organization. When the elections for 2013 rolled around, I decided I’d put in my time and done good things during that time. I chose not to run for reelection as president and secretary this year.

To go a step further, I also resigned my membership in the group. I’m setting myself up for bigger and better things, so I needed the extra time to focus on those bigger/better items on the horizon. More details will come about those things in the near future as they develop. Now, don’t read too much into this. I’m not saying the CSFWG is a bad organization. Quite the opposite. It’s a great group of people, but it’s time for me to move on to different things in my writing life.

As for what I accomplished as president, I’m quite proud of the following list of items:

  • Grew the membership from 16 people to 43 people.
  • Grew the group count from 2 critique groups to 4 critique groups. Honestly, it should 5, but the hiving to the fifth group will have to be the responsibility of the new board of directors.
  • Started hosting workshops for the members. This wasn’t my idea, but through my leadership, it’s been going strong.
  • Started an annual retreat for the members. This wasn’t my idea either, but I assisted in getting it off the ground and helped keep it going.
  • Presented 5 out of the 10 workshops.
  • Presented (or co-presented) 8 out of the 14 retreat workshop sessions.
  • Established the CSFWG as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit.
  • Lead the way, kept the group on track, assisted in editing and contributed a story to the CSFWG’s first anthology!
  • Helped dozens of people improve their craft of writing and assisted them in understanding the business of writing.
    • Along this journey, I also improved my own writing skills and have a much deeper understanding of how things work outside my words on the page.
  • Lastly, I made a ton of friends and connections in the writing world. There are many I’ll miss seeing every month.

I wish the CSFWG and its members the best of luck and the greatest success in their efforts!

PS: Stay tuned in the next day or five for more life-changing announcements. Yeah. I’m a tease that way.