From time to time, my muse rears her head and talks to me. I’ve managed to capture some of these conversations and am sharing them with you. I will warn you that my muse is a potty-mouth. I have no control over what she tells me. Sorry.

Muse: Remember that powerful item you gave your protagonist?

Me: Yeah. What about it?

Muse: You introduced it wrong. It wasn’t supposed to work that way.

Me: Yeah. I know. There’s a plot hole there.

Muse : Here’s how to fix it. *whispers in my ear*

Me: Thanks! That’s great. I’ll have to use that!

Muse: Of course you’ll use it. It’s my idea after all.

Me: I wish you’d stop taking credit for all of my work.

Muse: Hey, that’s my job.

Me: I guess so, but remember that my name’s going on the cover, not yours.

Muse: Do you even know my name?

Me: …

Muse: I thought so. So typical of men. Wanting me for my talents and insights without even knowing my name first.

Me: Umm… Sorry?

Muse: You better be. Oh. While I’m thinking of it. That item is too powerful. You’ll need to tone it down.

Me: But she’ll need it for the third book!

Muse: Yeah. I guess so. Better tone it down a bit. Find a catch for using the item.

Me: Good idea. I’ll have to think on it.

Muse: Why think on it. Just listen to me. *whispers in my ear some more*

Me: No offense, but, “Meh.” We can work on it, though.

Muse: You bastard. You’re rejecting my ideas!

Me: It’s not rejection. I idea is okay, but I think we can come up with something better.

Muse: Fine. Be that way. I’ll think on it and talk to you later. *fades into the darkness*