What a great day for the CSFWG! After almost two years of work, sweat, tears, and maybe a little blood, we’ve finally managed to publish an anthology! You can now find “An Uncommon Collection” on Amazon in paperback and ebook versions! Inside, you’ll find fifteen fantastic stories! Here’s what the table of contents looks like:

If Wishes Were Horses by Hollie Snider.An Uncommon Collection Full Cover
Pinwheel by Melissa R. Kary.
Mutiny in the Marketplace by Todd A. Walls.
Shards of Reality by Sangita Kalarickal.
Accidental Opportunity by Kari J. Wolfe.
A Dragon’s Tome by A.M. Burns.
For Hates Sake by Larry J. Cope.
Charisma by Patrick Hester.
A Poor Fellow Soldier  by J.T. Evans.
Thief of Dreams by Frances Burke.
Jack English, M.D., Dragonslayer by Richard E. Collette.
Scales by Amity Green.
A Page Lost by Nicole Godfrey.
The Truth by Ben Roc.
The Door, the Lock, the Key by R. Michael Burns.

If you’re interested in my story about the Templars coming back into existence in the near future, check out “A Poor Fellow Solider.” It’s nestled in the book between a great story by Patrick Hester and a heartwarming tale by Frances Burke.