Here are the sessions I’m planning on being at. This may change as the conference rolls around, but I doubt it will change much.


  • 2 & 3 PM: You Got Your Idea Where?
  • 4 PM: Long-Lasting Short Story
  • 5 PM: Writing the Holy Trilogy of SF/F
  • 6 PM: Writers’ Networking in the Bar
  • 7 PM: (Maybe, depends on how the networking goes…) Abuse an Author
  • 8 PM: John Carter vs. Star Wars
  • 9 PM: Hipster Readings with Bongos
  • After 10 PM: Not sure. Probably in the bar or in bed. Depends on how I feel. Probably a mix of the two.


  • 11 AM: An Hour with Cherie Priest
  • Noon: Playing with Participant: Carol Berg. Not 100% sure what this is, but Carol’s a great lady, and I’ll gladly spend an hour hanging out with her at a gaming table. Depends on the game, I guess.
  • 1 PM: Small Press Onward
  • 2 PM: Taking Your Work Series-ly
  • 3 PM: Probably in the Dealers Room. Nothing really jumped out at me for this time slot.
  • 4 PM: Live Podcast: The Functional Nerds
  • 5 PM: Not sure. Maybe the sing-along with Buffy and Dr. Horrible. Maybe Dealers Room. Maybe Bar.
  • 6-9 PM: Random wanderings. Definitely dinner time in there. Most likely will be in the Bar. (Sense a theme?)
  • 10 PM: Pandora Celtica Concert
  • 11 PM+: Probably in bed by time. Maybe at the Bar.


  • 10 AM: Graphic Novels and Comics
  • 11 AM: How SF Changed Over the Past 50 Years
  • 12 PM: Lunch! Not sure where/what, but definite food time.
  • 1 PM: Connie Willis Talks About Dialogue
  • 2 PM: When Bad Marketing Attacks
  • 3 PM: Strong Women in SF
  • 4 PM: Dealers Room or the Bar. Not sure. Nothing in this time slot jumped out at me.
  • 5 PM: Maybe packing up to head home? Not entirely sure on this one. Maybe more Bar time. Oh, wait. It’s Sunday. Maybe not.

If you’re going to be at Mile Hi Con, look for me and say, “Hi!” I’d love to chat!