At the CSFWG, we’ve been working on putting out an anthology of members’ works. It’s been a long road and has involved tons of work thus far.

Thanks to Kimberly Evans’s photography and Mike Reid’s layout skills, we have a cover ready!An Uncommon Collection Full Cover

The anthology itself will be coming out near the end of November (exact date unsure at the moment), and when that date hits, I’ll be doing another post or two about it.

For now, I’m teasing you with the cover! Feel free to click-through the cover to view the larger version.

I know tons of people (contributors and otherwise) are eager to see this guy hit the shelves and e-markets. I’m right there with everyone else. We have some great stories in the book from some fantastic authors. I really can’t wait to hold the weight of the book in my hands. It’s going to be a great moment!


Look for more information from me in the near future about more firm dates about the anthology!