Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know that my story, “The Carnival’s Children” was just accepted into Evil Jester Press‘s anthology entitled, “Carnival of the Damned.” It is being edited by Henry Snider and David C. Hayes.

I’ve had one other story accepted by Static Movement, but that was a non-paying gig. This anthology is a paying bit of work, so I guess that means I can now officially call myself an “author.” Right? I hope so. Maybe I have to wait until the book actually comes out. Dunno. Either way, I’m claiming that title and am going to run with it.

Here’s to many more good returns and incredibly high sales of Carnival of the Damned.

PS: Many of you may be used to seeing my dark fantasy works floating about the critique group. This particular work is a gruesome bit about flesh-eating, disease-ridden people afflicted with C.L.O.W.N.S. that are roaming an abandoned carnival while our heroes of the story are in search of a little girl they want to rescue. Want to know more? I hope so. You’ll just have to wait and read the story when the anthology comes out. What’s the publication date? Not entirely sure. Le sigh.