Monday Muse: 2012-12-31

From time to time, my muse rears her head and talks to me. I’ve managed to capture some of these conversations and am sharing them with you. I will warn you that my muse is a potty-mouth. I have no control over what she tells me. Sorry.

Muse: It’s about time you started listening to me again.

Me: Yeah. I know. I’ve been busy with other things.

Muse: Too busy to write a single word for almost a full month? Damn. You suck, you know that?

Me: I don’t know if I “suck” so much as get overwhelmed every holiday season with end of year stuff for the CSFWG.

Muse: Maybe you need to focus more on your own writing instead of enabling everyone around you. Do you know how many great ideas I’ve had to give to other people?

Me: What do you mean other people?

Muse: What? Do you think you’re the only person I give ideas to? I talk to those people that are worthy of my input. Lately, you’ve been less than worthy. You’re lucky I’m even giving you this chance to listen to my wisdom.

Me: I’m still not sure why you had to give ideas to other people?

Muse: My spirit flows over with ideas. It’s my nature. When I bottle them up, I turn into a real bitch. I hate being that way with people, so I have to release my ideas into the wild by giving them to writers.

Me: Am I your main writer?

Muse: Most of the time, but when you ignore me or push me out of your life, I have no choice but to go elsewhere for my release.

Me: *looking at feet* I’ll do better next year.

Muse: Try doing better today, and the next day, and the next day, and so on.

Me: *looking back up at the shadowy figure of my muse* You’re right. Starting now, I’ll write everyday. I can’t promise thousands of words a day, but I’ll at least put something down every single day. That’s my resolution for 2013.

Muse: Oh. How quaint. You humans still put numbers on your years like they matter. I figured you would have stopped doing that millennia ago. *sigh* It’s no matter. Take your fancy numbering system and put it to good use.

Me: …

Muse: See you next year. I’ll be watching your progress, you know. *fades into the darkness*


Monday Muse: 2012-12-10

From time to time, my muse rears her head and talks to me. I’ve managed to capture some of these conversations and am sharing them with you. I will warn you that my muse is a potty-mouth. I have no control over what she tells me. Sorry.

Muse: What the hell is wrong with you? Nothing? You’ve written nothing for almost three whole weeks!?!?

Me: *dejectedly look down at my own feet* Sorry. Life’s just been too busy.

Muse: Are you treating your writing as a job or as a hobby?

Me: *sigh* As a hobby.

Muse: You should treat it as a job, you know?

Me: Yeah. If I were employing myself at writing, I’d fire me.

Muse: *slaps me upside the head* Get your act together. I have a shit-ton of ideas to feed to you, and I’m tired of holding on to them.

Me: *raises eyebrow while rubbing sore spot on head* Really?

Muse: Yeah. Really. But you can’t have them until you’re done with the current book. Now get back to work.

Me: You got it!

Muse: *grumbles something about worthless writers while fading into the darkness*

Writing Journal: 2012-12-05

I’m embarrassed to state that my word count since last week is a big old goose egg. That’s right. Bupkis. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.


This really isn’t that abnormal for me during the first week and a half of a month, though. This is the time when I buckle down and work on critiques for the CSFWG. I receive them at the end of the previous month, and I want to get them out of the way. There’s something in my brain that tells me I can’t work on my own stuff while I still have responsibilities to other people. Maybe that’s broken? Maybe not. I kind of like that aspect of how I approach things, so it works for me.

I tend to take 7-10 days to get through two groups worth of submissions. I’m a bit behind on that schedule. Out of the nine submissions I need to get through, I’m only about 1/3rd the way through one of them. That has me concerned… especially since I’m only about 10 pages of writing into the 50 that I need to submit to the groups this month. I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull it off.

We’ll see how things go. I hope to have a more positive update for everyone next Wednesday!

Monday Muse: 2012-12-03

From time to time, my muse rears her head and talks to me. I’ve managed to capture some of these conversations and am sharing them with you. I will warn you that my muse is a potty-mouth. I have no control over what she tells me. Sorry.

Muse: Remember that powerful item you gave your protagonist?

Me: Yeah. What about it?

Muse: You introduced it wrong. It wasn’t supposed to work that way.

Me: Yeah. I know. There’s a plot hole there.

Muse : Here’s how to fix it. *whispers in my ear*

Me: Thanks! That’s great. I’ll have to use that!

Muse: Of course you’ll use it. It’s my idea after all.

Me: I wish you’d stop taking credit for all of my work.

Muse: Hey, that’s my job.

Me: I guess so, but remember that my name’s going on the cover, not yours.

Muse: Do you even know my name?

Me: …

Muse: I thought so. So typical of men. Wanting me for my talents and insights without even knowing my name first.

Me: Umm… Sorry?

Muse: You better be. Oh. While I’m thinking of it. That item is too powerful. You’ll need to tone it down.

Me: But she’ll need it for the third book!

Muse: Yeah. I guess so. Better tone it down a bit. Find a catch for using the item.

Me: Good idea. I’ll have to think on it.

Muse: Why think on it. Just listen to me. *whispers in my ear some more*

Me: No offense, but, “Meh.” We can work on it, though.

Muse: You bastard. You’re rejecting my ideas!

Me: It’s not rejection. I idea is okay, but I think we can come up with something better.

Muse: Fine. Be that way. I’ll think on it and talk to you later. *fades into the darkness*

An Uncommon Collection is Available!

What a great day for the CSFWG! After almost two years of work, sweat, tears, and maybe a little blood, we’ve finally managed to publish an anthology! You can now find “An Uncommon Collection” on Amazon in paperback and ebook versions! Inside, you’ll find fifteen fantastic stories! Here’s what the table of contents looks like:

If Wishes Were Horses by Hollie Snider.An Uncommon Collection Full Cover
Pinwheel by Melissa R. Kary.
Mutiny in the Marketplace by Todd A. Walls.
Shards of Reality by Sangita Kalarickal.
Accidental Opportunity by Kari J. Wolfe.
A Dragon’s Tome by A.M. Burns.
For Hates Sake by Larry J. Cope.
Charisma by Patrick Hester.
A Poor Fellow Soldier  by J.T. Evans.
Thief of Dreams by Frances Burke.
Jack English, M.D., Dragonslayer by Richard E. Collette.
Scales by Amity Green.
A Page Lost by Nicole Godfrey.
The Truth by Ben Roc.
The Door, the Lock, the Key by R. Michael Burns.

If you’re interested in my story about the Templars coming back into existence in the near future, check out “A Poor Fellow Solider.” It’s nestled in the book between a great story by Patrick Hester and a heartwarming tale by Frances Burke.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2011-11-28

This past week has been rough. Kid’s birthday party, kid’s actual birthday, lots of lack of sleep, working on the CSFWG anthology, and more lack of sleep. I just haven’t been sleeping well lately, which saps my energy. I don’t have my personal laptop with me at the moment, so I can’t pull up an exact word count for the week. It’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 words.

Like with my first book, I’m struggling with the closing scenes of the second book. I’m just having so much fun with the characters, I don’t want the story to end. I know it’s going to, and I’m dreading it. Should be a good ending, though. Lots of violence and bloodshed. Yep. That’s the way I roll.

An Uncommon Collection: Update

The CSFWG anthology, An Uncommon Collection, is nearing completion! I received the physical proof from CreateSpace last night. I immediately opened the package and tore through the book. I looked for missing headers, additional headers that didn’t need to be there, font issues, cover askew, etc..

I didn’t see a single thing wrong!An Uncommon Collection Full Cover


I’m meeting with Mike tonight to have him look at it as well. He’s the guy that started this whole process with a great idea for an anthology, and he did quite a bit of editing and all of the layout. I hope he’s as happy with the final product as I am.

When can you buy this wonderful book? Not sure yet. I hope to give CreateSpace the final approval tonight, and we’ll see how long it takes from there to be available online.

Check back here later for more updates. To ensure you don’t miss out on any news, you can add this web site to your RSS feed and get updates as I post them.

Wednesday Writing Journal: 2011-11-21

I only managed to eke out a little over 4,000 words this week. Not my best week. Not my worst week. Not something I’m happy with, though.

I’m not quite sure what happened to the week, but I obviously didn’t get much done.

I did hit one milestone I was shooting for. I had a great lead on my critique group when I started submitting the book, and I figured I’d have it finished before they caught up with me. One thing led to another, and they caught up! Urgh. I had to scramble this month to create 50 pages for them to critique. I managed to pull that off almost exactly. I guess that makes me a little happy.

Now to print the 50 pages for the critique group and get back to writing the next 50. I hope the next 50-80 pages finishes off the book. We’ll see how it goes. There’s only one more chapter in my plan of action, but that final chapter may be divided into two chapters. We’ll see how it goes.