There’s a great web site out there for writers called Wordle. You can upload your text, and it’ll output a Java display that you can print or screen shot that will show you the density of the various words that you use. The larger the word in the image, the more times you’ve used it in the text. Here’s my Wordle for Warmaiden as of yesterday:


Wordle for Warmaiden -- 2011-06-07

As you can see, I’ve used “Laurin” a wee bit too much throughout the 108,000 words of Warmaiden. I expected the name to be the largest since she’s my protagonist. I didn’t expect it to be that large, though. Time for some more edits to remove character filtering and “gawking narrator”. Once I’m done with the edits in a week or two, I’ll upload a new image and we can compare the progress and improvements.