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15 06, 2011

Warmaiden Revisions Done

2011-07-05T15:22:50-06:00June 15th, 2011|Warmaiden|Comments Off on Warmaiden Revisions Done

I've finished revising Warmaiden. I gave myself 10 days to do it and it only took a total of 6. I'm quite happy with myself. That gives me hope that once I get it in front of a willing agent/editor, I can do whatever changes they ask of me in [...]

14 06, 2011

Revisions of Warmaiden

2011-06-14T14:42:28-06:00June 14th, 2011|Warmaiden|Comments Off on Revisions of Warmaiden

I'm working my way through the book again doing some touch ups and minor revisions (with some major work in places) to tighten up the prose before sending it through the CSFWG again. I started working on it last Thursday. Every spare moment that I've managed to grab has been [...]

8 06, 2011

Wordle for Warmaiden :: 2011-06-08

2011-06-08T18:57:41-06:00June 8th, 2011|Warmaiden|Comments Off on Wordle for Warmaiden :: 2011-06-08

There's a great web site out there for writers called Wordle. You can upload your text, and it'll output a Java display that you can print or screen shot that will show you the density of the various words that you use. The larger the word in the image, the [...]