A good friend of mine, Cicily Janus, runs a few retreats each year. She has one coming up in Breckenridge, CO that runs from October 13th through the 17th. While I’ve never been to one of her retreats, I can vouch for the quality of her coaching, her drive for excellence and the openness she shows to everyone around her. She helped me knock out the nerves and polish my “elevator pitch” last year, and it worked quite well for me. That was in just a mere five minutes. I can’t imagine what she would do for my writing with a full four days of being around her and the staff she’s built up around the retreat.


Here’s a little bit more about what Cicily has to say about her retreat:


Named as one of the top-ten creative retreats in the world, Writing Away Retreats is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with and receive feedback from the very best in the industry. Every writer gets a 10K word detailed MS consult with each of the staff members (3 editors, 1 agent and 1 NYT bestselling author) during their 5 day/4 night experience in the Rocky Mountains. This unprecedented access allows for an experience that can truly forward your writing career in the right direction. Download the brochure for further information or go to the website: www.writingawayretreats.com for details.

Contact Cicily and let her know how she can help you attend this event. creativelivesworkshop@hotmail.com

Payment plans allowed for exceptional cases.

“These past few days have affected my profoundly. They have grounded me, focused me enormously. Often, I have been moved so beyond words that I thought I might have to give the poor things up….”~K. Sucharski (Colorado)



She also gave me this great PDF that explains more about how to contact her and what to expect: Writing Away Brochure (PDF)