Fastest (and Shortest) Rejection Thus Far

The query that I sent off on Christmas Day was rejected last night. That’s a four day turn around time. That’s fantastic for an agent where some of them (through no fault of their own due to their ever-increasing workload) are required to make writers wait weeks or months. I’m very happy for the quick response, but the rejection stings a little. They all do. No need for me to pick myself up off the floor, though. I’m ready to move on to other agents and continue querying.

Oh. The text of the rejection? Here it is:

Thank you for your submission.  At this time I am not interested.

Query Away

I fired off another query to an agent yesterday, but it’s a little different this time.

The first two times I sent off a query, it was to agents that I had already met at a conference. By meeting the agents in a pitch session before querying them, I figured I had a higher chance of landing an agent rather than receiving a rejection. Perhaps my chances were higher than going with a “cold query,” but I still received rejection letters in the end. Thus, the hunt continues.

This time around, I’ve gone with the “cold query” method that tons of other writers have gone with over the ages.

Wish me luck!

PS: When I hear back from the agent (with good or bad news) I’ll make sure to let you know what happened.