I’m currently doing a massive happy dance (mostly internalized at the moment) because I met a great agent today. I pitched my book to her, and she readily jumped on the chance to see a partial submission (the first 30 pages) of my book, WARMAIDEN.

I’ve learned quite a bit at this weekend’s PPW Conference, and one of the things I found out is that my first two pages were all backstory that needed to be shown instead of told. I knew better than to do this, but I wrote it that way anyways. It’s time to yank out the two pages of telling and replace them with a FULL CHAPTER that will be my new first chapter of the book that shows what I told.

This means that I can’t immediately send off the first 30 pages. I have some work to do first. That work will take me about 3-4 hours, and I strongly feel that I’ll be able to sneak in those hours by the end of Monday night and get the submission off to the agent by that time.

Until I get a chance to sit at a keyboard and crank out the new first chapter, I’m busy floating on cloud nine in the happiness of knowing that my story has captured the interest of a professional in the field.