Published for the First Time

It’s with great pleasure that I’m announcing my first publication. So you don’t have to wait, here is the link: WHISPERING THROUGH THE VEIL on Static Movement.

I’m so very happy right now. I finally get to see my name up in “bright lights” and I can’t wait to see what happens next with my writing career. Things are looking up, and it’s going to be a very exciting ride.

Many thanks to all of the fine members of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group that have helped push my skills into the state where the publisher of Static Movement thought my story was good enough to grace their pages.

Acceptance Email

I just received an acceptance email for publication of WHISPERING THROUGH THE VEIL from Static Movement. This is the first for me. I feel fortunate that it only took four rejection letters to get my first acceptance.

Static Movement (located at is a web-based e-zine which publishes work from a variety of genres, including my specialty of Fantasy.

I can’t wait to see my name “in print” in the July issue of Static Movement.

When the story gets posted, I’ll make sure and link to it for the world to see!