Christopher Nolan — An Inspiration

Christopher Nolan was an Irish writer with exceptional talent, and a great desire to write. His drive to put words down on paper overcame the facts of his birth. He was born without the ability to move anything other than his eyes, and later advances in medicine granted him the ability to move his neck. With a stick strapped to his head, Nolan was able to write beautiful poetry, and even a novel.

Here are some quotes of Christopher in a NY Times article.

“My mind is like a spin-dryer at full speed, my thoughts fly around my skull while millions of beautiful words cascade down in my lap.”

“Images gunfire across my consciousness and while trying to discipline them I jump in awe at the soul-filled bounty of my mind’s expanse.”

These quotes are going on my Quotes Page for they deserve the company they’ll find on that electronic summary of what moves me.

Christopher was an inspiration to me in his life, and will continue to stand on that pedestal even in death. The world lost a great writer in Christopher this week at the age of 43. I can only hope to attain such lofty goals as he did in his short and rough lifetime.

I feel we have a little something in common, which lightens my heart even with the news of his loss. Here is a quote I once rambled off about myself and a friend of mine managed to write down for me.

“My ideas are brilliant sparks of light that illuminate the dark pathways of creativity just long enough for me to see my next step.”

Without my sparks, I feel I would be lost in a world of despair and darkness. I assume (safely, I hope) Christopher probably felt the same way.

You will be missed, Mr. Nolan. Thank you for what you brought into this world, and may you use all ten fingers (and toes!) on your next typewriter.

No Short Results

A few months ago, I showed my shorts to Writer’s Digest to no avail. I was not contacted by the 13th of February which means I was not a finalist. I’m not horribly disappointed or distraught by this turn of events. It was my first entry, and I feel I may have been aiming a little high for this phase in my writing career.

While getting the story in the book of finalists would have met my goal of getting published by the end of the year, this frees up the story to be submitted to other venues and arenas. I have a few in mind, and I will start working on them next week. The rest of this week is being consumed by my current career as a software engineer/information security engineer.