No, this is not a political post. I’ll never do that in this forum.

Henry Snider, the long-time President of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group has stepped down from his post. The announcement was made a year ago that this would happen, and I volunteered to attempt to fill his sizable shoes. Hank is one of the founding members of the group, and has been running it for thirteen years. He needs a much deserved break from running the group, and as of January 1st, I have stepped up to the task of running the group.

I have some plans for the CSFWG, but none of them are drastic. The biggest plan is to get our non-profit status officially established with the IRS and other entities, so that we can move forward with some larger plans. I’m not letting loose on the details of those plans just yet since we need to get the non-profit status first. As things develop, I’ll break more of the news.