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New Desk


Note before you start reading: You can click the photos to view them full-sized. I just thought you might want to know that before you scroll down.

My old desk was falling apart. The front lip was barely holding on, the surface was scratched and stained. I didn’t care about the stains, but the mars on the surface were more accurately described as “gouges” than “scratches.”

Desk_0583Add to that, the hutch was half hanging on because an ill-advised attempt to move the entire desk away from the wall. One of the mount points of the hutch gave way in that effort, so the desk had become more than a little hazardous.

Desk_0584All-in-all, it was time to replace the desk. It had served my wife as a desk since around 1999, and I took it over sometime around 2009. We got our money’s worth out of it, and then some.

Desk_0585I was sad to see it replaced because it was a great surface. It allowed me to spread out and have many piles of (highly organized) paper within easy reach. It was also very deep from the wall. Most desks are about two feet in depth. This one was almost three feet deep. Very nice, indeed.

Desk_0586My wife and I started shopping online to find a replacement. We exhausted all of the obvious choices, and many of the not-so-obvious web sites. I found some that I liked, but that our pocketbook would not. With a tear in my eye, I’d close those browser tabs and continue my search.

Desk_0587At one point, my wife started listing off sites faster than I could open new tabs, let alone search them. I finally told her to grab her iPad and help me out. I continued my search while she snagged her device, and then we continued scouring the Internet for a new desk side-by-side.

Desk_0588Then she landed on and a wonderful desk for a fantastic price. I’d seen similar desks for $800 to $1200. When I saw the desk, I didn’t think there was a chance we’d be able to afford it. Then I saw the price of $300 with a free hutch.

Holy cow!

Desk_0590We ordered the desk ASAP (in case it was an soon-to-be-corrected error), and waited for a ship date. Well, I was called last Friday with an arrival date of Monday. When I got home, I started cleaning things up and boxing up desk contents. With the help of my son, we started tearing down the desk.

Desk_0591I think I finally finished getting the tear-down complete Sunday afternoon. Then there was the obligatory “vacuum under where all of the furniture used to be” process, and things were ready for construction instead of destruction.

Desk_0592Monday after work arrived, and I had a friend come over to help me out with the desk. The construction took forever. If you get one of these, plan on a good 8-9 hours of effort. Of course, the word “effort” falls short of the intense workout you get from moving around 300 pounds of wood and metal, even when the whole thing breaks down into pieces.

We got the job done, though!

Desk_0593The next day, I set about cleaning up the mess before migrating my stuff back into my office. Everything fits nicely, though my monitor barely squeezes under the hutch, and the bottom lip of the hutch blocks my view of the top edge of the monitor. I have to hunch down to see the top 1/4 inch or so. Not a big deal in my book.

Desk_0596With the desk together, the office put back in order, and me sitting here typing this, I’m very happy with my new office arrangement.

Desk_0597Many thanks to my wonderful wife for letting me get a new desk, signing for it when it arrived, and helping out with the construction for as long as she could stay away. I’m sorry we kept waking you throughout the late hours with the banging and thumping, but it’s hard to put these things together in silence.

New Look!

I just spent a few hours updating the look of the web site. I really wasn’t too happy with the old look/feel. The new one isn’t much different, but it makes me a little happier. Perhaps this one will last a while before I get tired of looking at it and change it again.

Maybe I’ll actually break down and hire someone to make me a slick design some day. Perhaps I should wait to sell a novel or something before I go that far? Dunno. We’ll see…..

Converted to WordPress

If you’re surprised by the slightly different look/feel of the site, don’t be. I didn’t get hacked or anything horrible like that. I just replaced the CMS system known as Drupal with another one called WordPress. Drupal was working just fine for me, but the upgrade process when a new version was released was a little onerous. WordPress, on the other hand, is much easier to manage and take care of. This will free up a little of my time and allow me to produce more in my writing rather than spending time maintaining my web site’s back-end codebase.

If you find anything strange/wrong with the site, please let me know.

PS: If you registered as a user with my old site, feel free to re-register with this software. I did not move over any accounts from Drupal to WordPress (other than my own, that is.)

New Freebies Section

I’ve added a new section to my site (see the menu bar across the top) entitled Freebies. It’s where I’ll drop some flash fiction, notes about stories/novels, character ideas and the like. It’s for things that will never be published directly, but may still be of interest to the public.

Pardon the Dust

I’m finally getting around to creating my own custom theme for this site. It won’t be too much different from what you are used to seeing, but during the creation process there will be quite a bit of mess. Please bear with me for a few days while I get things worked out.

Welcome to My New Site


Welcome to my new site. I registered this domain name almost a year ago, and this is the first thing that I’ve put on the domain name other than a weak little black and white page promising “something coming soon.”

Well, “soon” finally arrived and here’s the site. Expect quite a few things to mutate as I work out kinks in the system and make adjustments to the content.